Plants of the Bodie Hills, 2023 edition

I've posted the latest update of "Plants of the Bodie Hills" (in Mono County, CA, and Mineral & Lyon Counties, NV) on the Downloads page at It's a free PDF, 4.5 mb, 124 pages.
Blog post here:
Downloads page here:
Happy botanizing! Additions, corrections, and other feedback always welcome.

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Nice work Tim. It is very admirable that you have continued your interest and work on this region, as well as surrounding areas.

Anotado por matsonburger hace cerca de un año

Thanks Tim! I've passed on information about your upcoming March talk to members of the Milo Baker Chapter. Will be downloading the new flora soon.

Anotado por ahowald395 hace cerca de un año

Great! Thanks Tim!

Anotado por grnleaf hace cerca de un año

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