Blossoms & Bugs Bioblitz at Potrero Meadows on 6/1/2019

It’s that time of the year when Mt. Tam is blooming and buzzing.

Join One Tam and take a closer look at the plants and arthropods of this special meadow habitat. We will focus on smartphone macro photography and extra tools will be available to take your observations and photos of small organisms to the next level. Additionally, local plant and bee experts will be joining for the day.
Project here:

Here's what to do if you want to join

Register using this link: Additional logistics will be emailed to you after registration. Attendance is 15 people max.
No experience necessary. We will teach you everything you need to know to have a fun day in the field. All ages are welcome. Participants under age 16 will need a parent or guardian present or can submit a permission form in advance.

Getting there

Please note that access to Potrero Meadows requires hiking or biking from a trailhead.
Two options are possible: Starting from the Rock Spring Trailhead- 1.5 mile, 266 ft elevation gain one-way or starting from Lake Lagunitas- 3 miles, 1000 ft elevation gain one-way. If motor vehicle transportation is necessary for you, we have limited number of spots available. Please contact Lisette Arellano directly to inquire about those spots.
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I'm tagging you in this journal post because you're one of the top observers and/or identifiers in Marin County during the 2019 City Nature Challenge and as part of One Tam citizen science efforts I'm trying to start at list of active iNat users that may be interested in One Tam Bioblitzes and would like to receive future notifications. Please message me @ten_salamanders if you are not interested

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Thanks @ten_salamanders !

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Have a GREAT time!

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