Eucereon chalcodon are being misidentified as Eucereon compositum.

Eucereon chalcodon was first described by Druce, 1893, type locality Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro: . Druce also provided a plate (Fig 6): .

Eucereon compositum was first described by Draudt, 1915. He don't provided a locality: , but he provided a plate (Line D): .

Around 90 brazilian Inaturalist site observations are identified as Eucereon compositum. Also others sites have brazilian specimens identified as Eucereon compositum: , , . However, brazilian arctiinea diversity papers don't found any specimens of Eucereon compositum (Ferro, 2007; Ferro & Teston 2009; Nascimento et. al., 2016). How it's possible a species be so common in brazilian internet images but absent in scientific works?

To answer this question I looked closer to the images and compared with Druce and Draudt plates. Also, I used images from BoldSystems site: , .

Two clearly diferences was found: Eucereon chalcodon have red abdomen versus yellow/orange in Eucereon compositum; a large white spot in the thorax of E. chalcodon that don't have in E. compositum.

All specimens from Brazil that dorsal view abdmomen can be seeing showed a red abdomen, examples: ; ; .

I concluded that all brazilian specimens identified as Eucereon compositum are, in fact, Eucereon chalcodon or another related species.


Ferro, Viviane Gianluppi. Diversidade de mariposas Arctiidae (Lepidoptera) do cerrado. 2007. Tese (doutorado) - Curso de ecologia, Universidade de Brasília, Brasília, 2007.

Ferro & Teston, 2009. Composição de espécies de Arctiidae (Lepidoptera) no sul do Brasil: relação entre tipos de vegetação e entre a configuração espacial do hábitat. Revista Brasileira de entomologia 53 (2): 278-286.

Nascimento, Milena de Souza; Ferro, Viviane Gianluppi; Monteiro, Ricardo Ferreira. 2016. Arctiinae (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Biota Neotropica. 16 (2): e20150112.

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Congratulations on your work and research! reviewing his work it is clear that the Brazilian identifications are of specimens of Eucereon chalcodon or another related species. This research adds a lot to the Brazilian systematic, taxonomic and scientific scenario. Thank you for the good work!

Anotado por padreesan hace cerca de un año

Thanks for revising not only my observations but many if not all from Brazil. Great job!

Anotado por douglas-u-oliveira hace cerca de un año

Thanks for the support. I'm now investigating some related species that also occur in Brazil. Some IDs can change yet and yes, I'm trying to identify all observations of Eucereon chalcodon and related species in Brazil identified at least in Arctiinae, it's a huge work and that's why your kind words are so important.

Anotado por regisrafael hace cerca de un año

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