Separating species

Bidens alba and Bidens pilosa

Key to identification
(from Weakley 2020 and Ballard 1986)
Bidens alba: Ray florets 5-8, the ligule 3-18 mm long; cypselas 0-2-awned, the awns 1-2 mm long; outer phyllaries (8-) 12 (-16)
Bidens pilosa: Ray florets absent (or if a few present, the ligule is only 2-3 mm long); cypselas 3 (-5)-awned, the awns 1-3 mm long; outer phyllaries 7-10

Passiflora pallida and suberosa

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C. diffusa 3 petals, equal size, leaves 70 x 15 mm, white hairs on leaf sheath
C. lanceolata 3 petals, equal size, longer lance-like leaves 120 x 15 mm
C. bengalensis upper 2 petals large than 3rd., usually thicker stems, broader fleshy leaves 70x45mm, reddish-brown hairs on leaf sheaths (can also be white)

When compared with C. cyanea, C. benghalensis has:

shorter broader leaves
thicker stems, with shorter distance between nodes
lowest petal much reduced in size and may be reflexed

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1 Leaves and stems distinctly pubescent between the longer, scattered stinging hairs; petiole often less than half as long as the lamina; lamina dark green on both surfaces Urtica dioica
Leaves and stems more or less glabrous between the stinging hairs; petiole usually more than half as long as the lamina; lamina dark green above, paler green below 2
2 Leaves with lamina mostly 1–5 cm long, ovate to elliptic; annual; inflorescence usually branched and shorter than the petiole Urtica urens
Leaves with lamina mostly 5–12 cm long, usually lanceolate to narrow-ovate, sometimes to broad-ovate; perennial; inflorescence mostly unbranched and often much longer than the petiole
Back to 1 Urtica incisa

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Western species with long leaves:
Atalaya semiglauca - pinnate leaves
Ventilago - alternate leaves
Santalum acuminatum - opposite leaves

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