Steelhead watching

High risk high reward chance of seeing a spawning steelhead in the Russian River paid off today!
My basic approach is to put on a wetsuit and mask and snorkel, run 1/2 mile up the road paralleling Maacama Creek and float back down to where it meets the Russian River looking for Steelhead. I've done this many times over the years, but timing is critical, its always around this time of year (late Feb/early March) but difficult to tell exactly when there will be fish in the Creek/River. This is the first time I've done this with a camera (gopro). And I'm so stoked I was able to take a picture of one of these mysterious visitors of the ocean in time for Fish Week!

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Trucha Arcoiris (Oncorhynchus mykiss)




Febrero 24, 2016




that is so awesome!!! congrats!

Anotado por laura_sebastianelli hace mas de 8 años

You are such a nerd! I wish I had a steelhead stream in my backyard!

Anotado por faerthen hace mas de 8 años

ha thanks @faerthen!

Anotado por loarie hace mas de 8 años

Wow Scott, that's awesome! Did you time fish week for this?

Anotado por carrieseltzer hace mas de 8 años

Ha - no. In theory the Critter Calendar order is empirical based on the timing of past iNat observations. Not sure why it put Fish in Feb though - I was thinking of that while snorkeling, aside from steelhead the Russian River looks totally sterile this time of year, I imagine its even a grimmer proposition to find fish in many other parts of the Northern hemisphere. Maybe its driven by winter holidays to tropical beaches?

Anotado por loarie hace mas de 8 años

I still think February is a weird time for fish. I almost always do dive trips in April & October (i.e. swing seasons that are neither summer nor winter, in northern or southern hemispheres), and occasionally have one in Jan or Feb. Locally, I'm not getting in the water other than Jun-Sep. I'm frustrated that you are doing fish week and I won't post any observations.

Anotado por maractwin hace mas de 8 años

yeah - orchids in December is the one I can't get my head around, but all in all I think the order is fairly sensible

Anotado por loarie hace mas de 8 años

Wow, fun (and cold?) .

Most of the critter calendar species so far haven't been things I was able to find in Vermont (Fish could have worked if I got a chance to go ice fishing but the ice is thin and I haven't taken that up yet). There are some summer plant ones I will get though.

Anotado por charlie hace mas de 8 años

Huh, orchids in December will definitely be for the Kiwis. Looks like putty root and rattlesnake plantain can be pretty reliable in eastern North America though. June, July, and August all have more orchid observations than December. How did the critter calendar algorithm work?

Anotado por carrieseltzer hace mas de 8 años

i may be able to find some dead epipacis helleborine stalks if that december ends up as abysmally snowless as this one. Hope not

Anotado por charlie hace mas de 8 años

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