The Double-Emergence of 2024

As you may have heard, there are TWO periodical cicada broods that will emerge between late April and June of this year! This particular combination only happens once every 221 years.

The broods in question are the Illinoian Brood (XIII) and the Great Southern Brood (XIX). The map below is a rough approximation of where sightings are most likely to occur:

There is very little overlap between the broods, so - if you want to experience both - I recommend planning at least two different stops. You should be able to find all seven species by traveling just a few miles north and south of the cities of Springfield, Bloomington, Kankakee, or Beardstown in Illinois, or the city of Mt Pleasant in Iowa.

The University of Connecticut has a handy online guide for identifying all 7 species of periodical cicadas. Note that most species can only be identified by the pattern on their belly. For bonus points, try to find and photograph them all! 😄

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I'm so looking forward to all the Magicicada action! I made a project for the emergence here:

M. septendecula is historically rare in Brood XIII; I'm hoping for clear audio of calls (often a more solid ID than photos).

Anotado por weecorbie hace 4 meses

Is it possible to distinguish the 13 and 17-year species in a sympatric environment? Hah, that sounds like ID hell.

Anotado por silversea_starsong hace 4 meses

Thanks Alie,

This sounds like a road trip.

Anotado por davidemartin hace 4 meses

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