Classification of the genus Isocheles.

The genus Isocheles registered in iNat was mainly dominated by Isocheles pilosus from California and Isocheles wurdemanni from the Gulf of Mexico, but I found some data on the genus Isocheles, which is not ID registered in Brazil, We then ordered and carefully examined the papers on Isocheles.

Then the genus Isocheles from Brazil was identified as Isocheles sawayai. In addition, Isocheles pacificus was found from Ecuador and Isocheles ingowehrtmanni from the southern Gulf of California. Therefore, we established new IDs for each and classified them.

First, Isocheles sawayai was a widespread Isocheles from Venezuela to São Paulo.

Isocheles sawayai Forest & de Saint Laurent, 1968

In addition, only one Isocheles pacificus was registered in iNat.

Isocheles pacificus Bouvier, 1907

In addition, only one new species, Isocheles ingowehrtmanni, was registered in iNat.

Isocheles ingowehrtmanni Vera-Silva & Mantelatto, 2022

By the way, there is another species of Isocheles, Isocheles aequimanus, but I searched iNat's data near Chile and could not find the corresponding species.
If you live in Chile, please search on the coast.

Note that Loxopagurus loxochelis, similar to Isocheles, inhabits Uruguay and Argentina, but is easily distinguished by its clearly larger left cheliped.
Loxopagurus loxochelis is one species in one genus.

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