On the identification of Dardanus crassimanus and Dardanus setifer.

Photographic identification of Dardanus crassimanus and Dardanus setifer is very frustrating because the only way to distinguish them is by the subtle difference in color between the cornea and the ocular peduncle. Moreover, there are many colors that are intermediate between the two, so I honestly do not know where to draw the line.

From the iNat data, it seems that they both have a complete overlap of habitats, especially in the Philippines. Or if we strictly distinguish between them, would these areas be divided?

Nevertheless, I have never seen Dardanus setifer in Japan, and have only seen cornea yellow and ocular peduncle pink in coloration. Rarely, individuals with lighter pigmentation are found, but the coloration of the cornea and the ocular peduncle is still present.

Has anyone collected and compared these two?
Can they be found in similar environments?

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