Syrphini - Southeastern USA

@upupa-epops and I are excited to share this guide to common Syrphini of the Southeastern USA! Questions, suggestions, and other reactions are appreciated.

To help improve identifications using this guide:,12,18,28,36,27,45,37,19,30,43,23,21

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I know this may be of interest to you @aispinsects @treegrow @sambiology @cgritz @laurenjansensimpson

Anotado por edanko hace casi 4 años

Absolutely! Thanks!

Anotado por cgritz hace casi 4 años

Eupeodes in Tampa

Anotado por aispinsects hace casi 4 años

Well done!

Anotado por aispinsects hace casi 4 años

Even, again, seriously good job! :) Sharing this with other folks as well!

Anotado por sambiology hace casi 4 años

Just in time for the 2020 field season!

Anotado por treegrow hace casi 4 años

Identify link added above for those interested in using this guide to clean up their own/others observations.

Anotado por edanko hace casi 4 años

Thanks for sharing this, nice concise summary of characteristics. Really appreciate it!

Anotado por ppilarski hace casi 4 años

Awesome! Thank you for sharing!!!

Anotado por rednat hace casi 4 años

Good stuff! Appreciate the time and effort that went into this!

Anotado por silversea_starsong hace casi 4 años

I'm assuming y'all will enjoy this new interface now including common species for all the southeastern Syrphid tribes.

Please let me know if you find any errors, I'm sure there are a few left.

Anotado por edanko hace mas de 3 años

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