Syrphini - Northwestern USA & Western Canada

@upupa-epops and I are excited to share this guide to common Syrphini of the Northwestern USA & Western Canada! Questions, suggestions, and other reactions are appreciated.

To help improve identifications using this guide:,9079,13335,7085,6834,7953,46,10,22,16,15&taxon_id=121991

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I think you might be interested in this @treegrow @tigerbb @josephthebirder @swells @brewbooks @natureguy

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Thanks, @edanko. I'm going to be using this a lot.

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Oh sweet, thanks! I've been in need of resources like this.

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Awesome!! Thank you very much. This will be put to good use.

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Beautiful! This is exactly the kind of thing I'd like to make for some spider families/genera. Thank you for the excellent and ever-so-helpful syrphid reference!

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Thanks for this great reference, it will be might useful to me as a stating point when I see Syrphini. In particular, the annotated photos tell me characteristics to look for in my future observations.

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I'm tagging this useful post by Even and Caleb for some other naturalists who observe Syrphini in the NW Washington and BC
@ewrunn1ng @masonmaron @wendy5 @jasonheadley @ldietzchiasson @kg- @iancruickshank @katiekushneryk @johndreynolds

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@jgatten - just learned about this, in case you haven't seen it.

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this is fantastic - thanks so much!

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Excellent- thanks! We're getting one of our first really warm days without wind today: I'll be out for a look and this will be very useful.

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This is fantastic, thank you for sharing!

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Above, I've added a link to the identify page for Syrphini in the coverage area of this guide--in case anyone is interested in cleaning up data for computer-vision-training or other uses using this guide.

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Identifying Melangyna spp.
Just in case we don't get an anterior view of the face....
Is there another way to tell members of this genus apart from Meligramma gutatta?
(Couldn't find any photos of Meligramma vespertina which is also in the nearctic region. Need I worry?)

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I just want to add my heartfelt note of appreciation for this, and all the other excellent guides to diptera. Keep 'em coming! Learning tools such as these are truly invaluable to self-taught naturalists such as myself. Thank you!

I also thought I should mention that I think there might be a tiny typo on Slide 19 of this presentation. The text overlay on the photo of the wing says "Vein R+5" and I'm guessing it should say "Vein R4+5".

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That's a very useful reference, thanks @edanko

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