Casper's Botany Blitz 3-20-22

Hi everyone!

I am not the organizer of the event, but nevertheless I thought it would be fun to do a little recap of our blitz yesterday. As of right now, 44 participants have uploaded 1,510 observations of 363 species. (1,407 observations and 316 species are vascular plants.)

People may continue to upload as they get their photos in order. For updated numbers, as well as a map, and stats about top observers, most observed species, etc, click here.

Please help identify observations by clicking here!

Thank you @ronvanderhoff, @miguelgrande, @bugbob, @fmroberts2, and other team leaders.

Feel free to leave comments below.

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Thanks you, Amy, great day. I uploaded several observations during the day, but I have some more on my camera. Hope to finish tonight. Sorry for the delay!

Anotado por lauracamp hace mas de 2 años

It was an honor to be included in this effort. To observe the expertise of this group was humbling. I signed up as an avid hiker and backpacker with zero knowledge about plant identification. Thanks to my group for their patience and eagerness to share. Hopefully my photo taking and app submission skills were enough to carry my weight!

The folks in my group may know that I lost a battery and charging cable near the end of our adventures. Well, Jenny and I went back out there this morning and were able to find the lost items! Yay for a successful search and recover mission right?

Anotado por scenic_stiles hace mas de 2 años

@scenic_stiles Great that you found it. I once lost a white battery in the snow, and needless to say it was never seen again!

Anotado por arboretum_amy hace mas de 2 años

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