Filling in the gaps.

I have had about 7 weeks of enforced rest or at least very restricted activity after my fall. Happily I am now fit again, just in time for the heat to take its toll. I continue to focus on Lung Fu Shan although Harlech Road was very productive for larvae last week.

It is quite noticeable that the Lung Fu Shan catchment area has a large section with very few observations. This is the section that leads down Harlech Road from the Peak circuit, (as opposed to heading down Hatton Road) and then right along the section of the Hong Kong Trail (1) that joins the resting point above planting area number 1. Below that the section of Pik Shan Path from the big water course (below planting area 1 ) that goes left towards Queen Mary Hospital is also pretty much unrecorded. This was blocked off for a long time so that may account for it.

It looks good for butterflies, beetles and bees/wasps based on today's rather tired exploration. I walked 13.6km in the heat today and felt it. The birds seem to have deserted LFS for now.

My other task is to get used to using the Fuji off a tripod. Macro or close up shots need a lot of DoF and in anything but the best light that means high ISOs or low shutter speeds (or flash). I find the Fuji body a little too small and fiddly for my hands so I have to keep reminding myself that I use it to save weight. As you age you learn to make compromises.

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