Migrant time?

Although LFS and Po Shan Road seems to be a better site for migrants in Autumn there are also good records in Spring. The first 2 weeks in April seem to be good and on April 7th 2011 BrendanK noted a flock of 31 Black Bulbuls on Po Shan Road. I hope a few people will find time to walk the area over the next few weeks.

My best sighting this week was Zoothera aurea. I almost trod on it as it fed beside Pik Shan Path and neither of us registered the other until I was almost upon it. It seemed to fly up into the trees but over 90 minutes I failed to relocate it and sadly had no photo. Stephen Matthews saw the same species in the same location on March 26th 2015.

There was a female Black-naped Monarch near the LFS Education Centre this week seen by at least 2 observers. I saw only an Asian Brown Flycatcher. However this week there has been a significant increase in diversity with the first dragonflies spotted, many more bees and wasps, 2 more species of lizard, the first cicada seen (Gaeana maculata) and more butterflies active.

The weather continues to be extremely dry but not yet too humid. Ideal for wildlife watching walks. Most of the water courses are dry or reduced to a trickle. Only the nullah near the education centre and the rocky stream at the far end of Pik Shan Path hold a decent flow.

The highlight since my last entry was a moth trapping session held off Hatton Road. It will be interesting to see what the final tally is but it produced plenty of extra records including Collared Scops Owl photographed by Matthew Kwan. Actias ningpoana was arguably the most charismatic species. The moon moth circled the trap for several minutes, long enough for most of the attendees to see it well.

Finally, it was good to meet Robert Ferguson again at Lung Fu Shan. His "Wildcreatures Hong Kong" Facebook page is a daily offering of useful information and excellent photography. Here is a link https://www.facebook.com/wildcreatureshongkong/

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