Fintastic encounters with Great White Sharks at Neptune Islands

I travelled to Neptune Islands in SA hoping to see a Great White Shark. My expectations were massively exceeded as we saw 2-5 sharks on each dive and we did up to 3 dives a day over a 3 day trip. At one stage 4 GWS were observed at the same time and it was common to see 2. Most of the GWS were males between 2-6 and 3.4m and several larger females. Many of the GWS had distinctive scars on their heads and body. One shark had a tag. Rodney Fox Expeditions have photos of approximately 300 individual sharks (LHS, RHS, fins) and I would love to see some more research on identifying individual GWS and a link to behaviour. We saw one shark on three seperate dives on one day. We saw another shark on two days. There were also several other shark, ray and fish species of interest that we recorded to iNaturalist

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Tiburón Blanco (Carcharodon carcharias)




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The shark at front seen several times. The one in background has a distinctive white mark mid body


I'm sure that was an incredible experience! Nice journal post. William

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