iNaturalist is hiring two developers!

We’re thrilled to announce that iNaturalist is hiring two developers to join our team to help us improve our mobile apps and continue to scale our infrastructure. You can learn more about these positions in our new jobs page.

We’re looking for full-time staff who are interested in careers with iNaturalist. Candidates may be remote and need not be in the United States.

Thanks for helping us with these searches by sharing these openings with your networks!

A few iNaturalist staff (@loarie, @abhasm, @albullington, @tiwane, & @kueda) exploring Mount Tamalpais in May

Publicado el 24 de mayo de 2022 a las 06:55 PM por loarie loarie


So exciting! Great to see iNaturalist developing and expanding!

Anotado por lisa_bennett hace cerca de 2 años

wish i was a developer :' (

Anotado por diegoalmendras hace cerca de 2 años

Oooh! That's fun. I hope you find the right people for the job! Best of luck to all of you!

Anotado por mbwildlife hace cerca de 2 años

You are light years ahead of others in UI/UX, and this just proves how dedicated you are in making iNaturalist the most important and dynamic repository of life on this planet. One that bridges the growing disconnect with the natural world, as it is so easy to use and incites curiosity and desire to know and do more. When more and more people on the globe use iNaturalist they will see and experience a growing awe and connect with life again.

Anotado por morten hace casi 2 años

Congrats! How great that you have the funding, and big thanks to where ever it comes from!

Anotado por arboretum_amy hace casi 2 años

If i may; it is more inclusive for "gender" on your job form if it can be write-in, that's best! :) And a spot to put in pronouns.

Anotado por sunguramy hace casi 2 años

Awesome ! iNaturalist is a worthy endeavor.

Anotado por mark3939 hace casi 2 años

For django and react projects you can ask me, for Angular I know somebody else.

Anotado por rozendaleagrofore... hace casi 2 años

That's great. We are preparing to integrate's CAMS Weed App with iNaturalist so that people can record environmental weeds in iNaturalist then record the weed control over subsequent years. CAMS stands for Conservation Activity Management System - a combination of CRM and GIS tools to support much more effective collaborative work to improve the environment. See for more info.

Anotado por keiths hace casi 2 años

What is the pay range?
I know some people that might interested with the required skillset.

Anotado por bornstupid hace casi 2 años

This project must be quite easy for the developer of iNaturalist: Checkbox for invasive species, then prepare API with OAuth for integration with Econet.

Anotado por rozendaleagrofore... hace casi 2 años

Welcome. Thank you for all you help..Best wishes. Sheila

Anotado por sheilsun hace casi 2 años

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