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Taiwan is the 13th stop on the iNaturalist World Tour. Although @doggy0406, the top observer, is the chairman of Yunlin Wild Bird Association, his observations span many types of organisms in addition to birds. Other top observers are associated with The Society of Wilderness including @luoycy, @wallacechen, @max822, @maxhsieh, @chinaberryhuang, and @kinmatsu. Several top observers are associated with National Chiayi University (@mutolisp, @shinochen, @chendada), Tunghai University (@penlock), and the Endemic Species Research Institute of Taiwan (@linscott, @papilioshih). @pseudoshuigeeee is a bird-watching guide.

iNaturalist has been growing rapidly in Taiwan thanks to the leadership of Cheng-Tao Lin (@mutolisp) who has done an incredible amount of outreach within Taiwan while also leading efforts to translate and localize the platform. In the past year, The Society of Wilderness used iNaturalist as part of their annual habitat investigation and conservation activities. You can read the report here. You can find several projects here associated with the effort. 2019 was also the first year Taiwan participated in the City Nature Challenge. In Chiayi, The Society of Wilderness recorded 10k observation and 2187 species during April. @mutolisp and others also worked to introduce iNaturalist in biodiversity and environmental education courses in several universities including the National Chiayi University and Tunghai University.

The top vascular plant identifier in Taiwan is Chia-Lun Hsieh (@galanhsnu), a research assistant of Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica. @galanhsnu is followed by Po-Chung Chen (@pochung). @pochung is an enviromnental educator and has taught several courses to engage youth in nature. @yuchuan is the top insect identifier. Many of the moth identifications in Taiwan on iNaturalist can be traced to participants in the Taiwan Moth Information Center. This effort to create an online moth database is led by Hsu-Hong Lin, the chief secretary of the The Endemic Species Research Institute of Taiwan.

Many thanks to @mutolisp for providing most of the research used in this post. Please share your ideas below or on this forum thread on what we can do to make iNaturalist even better in Taiwan!

@doggy0406 @pseudoshuigeeee @luoycy @wallacechen @stevenson1002 @galanhsnu @pochung @dtmed9 @leaf1234 @chinaberryhuang

We’ll be back tomorrow with France!

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It's been so great to watch the Taiwan iNaturalist community explode over the last year, and it was awesome to meet @mutolisp in Hong Kong this past December.

Anotado por tiwane hace casi 5 años

YAY! GO Taiwan GO!! Keep up all the good works! 台灣 加油!

Anotado por pufferchung hace casi 5 años

I am so glad to be a member of the Wildness Society of Taiwan. Having more and more opportunity to observe wild life. Moreover, to know more friends like you worldwide.

Anotado por luoycy hace casi 5 años

Very interesting to see the growth of this group!

Anotado por janetwright hace casi 5 años

Thank every iNaturalists in Taiwan and everyone who helps for identification!

Anotado por pseudoshuigeeee hace casi 5 años

Been loving the Commelinaceae :-)

Anotado por doju hace casi 5 años

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