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30 de diciembre de 2023

Black River properties in Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties

If you’re itching to be one of the first folks to access a new park, this one is for you. The Black River Water Trail & Park Network will be the only park of its kind in the state park family. It’s a linear park that follows the Black River from Kingstree through Andrews and into Georgetown. Working with partners like Open Space Institute and The Nature Conservancy, the park has or is in the process of acquiring multiple tracts along the river corridor. We’ve completed master planning and you can find a story map here that will help you understand how the community and partners participated in the planning process. We recently hired a park manager, John Moon (who will be moving from his previous home at Kings Mountain State Park), and we are currently working to design and build five additional boat launches. Our goal is to have ramp access close enough to each other that no matter where you put in, you can get to a take out in one day’s paddle. Plans for the site include riverside camping, trails, picnic shelters, tree houses, overnight accommodations, and a visitor center. Because the “Park Network” includes existing ramps and facilities operated by our partners, you can access the Black River today – the story map has a list of sites currently open to the public). We expect to officially cut the ribbon on this park in the next few years.

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26 de mayo de 2023