Help ID the CNC23 observations !

Great thanks to all those in Botswana who took part in the City Nature Challenge 23, either as observers or identifiers.
Our top observers in the whole of Botswana were both ladies from Gaborone tuli-2/tuli ( one person with two accounts) 470 observations, and Skybella7, 119 observations. ( Botswanabugs being excluded ).

Together, 13 observers in our four Botswana areas that participated were able to make
1853 observations and to date, 554 species have been identified.

There are still 1493 observations that still need to be identified to species level !
Keep on trying to identify them !
Here they are.

Please sign up to be an organiser for one of Botswana's areas in the next City Nature Challenge 24.
Botswana needs organisers.
Northern Botswana, Gaborone & SE, Botswana Central, Botswana South

Also join and contribute to these Facebook groups.

How can we boost Botswana's participation in the next event, the CNC 24 ?
Please share ideas.

Thanks everyone for making the CNC 23 a really fun event.

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Links to unidentified observatons using the ID-curation tool:

.* review how the tool works: (2 minute tutorial)
.* Put your group in the species box to narrow down the list.
.* Not all observations are identifiable to species, so these will stay in the list.
.* Many have been identified and merely require validation. Please only agree to IDs if you are certain.

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