New Textbook to All Extant Families of Hymenoptera!*

*(except sawflies, bees, and ants)

I helped write the open-source textbook Biodiversity & Classification of Wasps for Penn State and it was PUBLISHED TODAY!!! If you’ve ever thought, in passing, “Gee, I wish I knew more about the hardcore taxonomic science of critically understudied insects”, this is the book for you!

I wrote the chapter on Vespoidea (pgs. 384-406).

Visit the link below to access the textbook for free!

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Thanks Chris,

I have been looking at it, amazing!

Anotado por davidemartin hace más de un año

It's magnificent! 😍

Anotado por eebee hace más de un año

Very cool! Never heard of cricket leeches before (or most of what's in there...). Fantastic illustrations, as always

Anotado por npizzuti hace más de un año

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