SA iNaturalists - October 2022 Update

This month the full update for SA can be found on the EC Blog. Summary presented below.

Feature observations this month by @davemmdave, @lawrie_p, @mariannebroug, @bioshots_jm, @richard8484, @happywonderer, @dgobbett, @nomesdownunder, @grassroots-ky, @scubawayne, @sarinozi, @connor_margetts, @discoslug, @anthonypaul, @belindacopland, & @mtank.

Publicado el 09 de noviembre de 2022 a las 10:02 AM por cobaltducks cobaltducks


Nice to be featured. It felt like a very fortunate encounter (Australian Owlet-Nightjar)

Anotado por richard8484 hace más de un año

Thanks for featuring my observation but it should be noted that it was @heath_hunter who actually ID'd the Fly Death Fungus on a posting I put up of the fly! Interestingly, this same fly was later observed to be being sucked dry by what appeared to be a Diamond Comb-footed Spider. Just not its day, I guess!

Anotado por happywonderer hace más de un año

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