We need your identifiable observations in the wild

If you haven’t bioblitzed before, this is a gentle nudge to encourage you to make identifiable observations of plants and animals in the wild that have photos, location and dates. We are also interested in plants and animals gone wild - observations of weeds, alien invasives, and wild organisms are extremely useful.

Most cities will include observations of non-wild organisms during the GSB. However, it’s very important to mark those observations as captive/cultivated. By joining the Great Southern Bioblitz 28 – 31 Oct we can discover where the wild things are.

Aim for research grade observations:
Every observation with photos, location and dates gets automatically placed in the "Needs ID" category so people who are looking for observations to identify will find them. Observations without those three things are not eligible for "Research Grade" status and get placed in the "Casual" category, since identifiers probably won't be able to help if there's no photo or location. So, the key to getting things identified is to record identifiable observations!

Tips for making identifiable observations:

How to add an observation(s) on a smartphone or computer? https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/video+tutorials#identify

Then enjoy like this guy: - https://youtu.be/1-LjzKx-u9g

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