200,000 Verifiable Observations!

On the last observation day of the City Nature Challenge we passed 200,000 verifiable observations uploaded in South Australia!

Congratulations to all who have contributed to this milestone. The first observations in SA were uploaded around mid-2011 and had only reached 4,500 by the end of 2017. Since then however the rate has increase dramatically reaching 23,500 by end of 2018, then 66,800 by end of 2019, and on to 162,400 by end of 2020.
We surpassed 100,000 observations in May 2020. It took 9 years to reach that milestone. The next 100,000 took just shy of 12 months. We are currently uploading approximately 290 new observations a day. That's a new observation in SA every 5 minutes!
If the trend continues, we'll be looking at reaching 300,000 observations around the end of October this year, in only 6 months. With the Great Southern Bioblitz in late October we may even reach it sooner.
Quick Stats:
  • 3,199 observers have uploaded records of 7,648 species across the state
  • Since the first 100k, we've had 1,263 new observers and 1,778 additional species identified.
  • 67.6% of all verifiable observations are Research Grade
  • 2,852 observations of 139 Threatened species
  • 14,378 observations of 543 Introduced species
  • 3,791 identifiers have made 366,000 identifications on observations from SA
  • Observations break down: 29.2% Vertebrates, 36.7% Plants, 18.1% Insects, 12.4% Other Animals, 3.1% Fungi, 0.5% Chromista
  • Species break down: 11.6% Vertebrates, 35.8% Plants, 29.7% Insects, 17.3% Other Animals, 4.9% Fungi, 0.7% Chromista

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That would be amazzzzzing to reach 300,000 observations during the #GSB2021!
It was great doing some iNating with you during the City Nature Challenge as well.

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