Brenda Black

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Grew up in Colorado. Now resident in central Germany. Translator by profession, naturalist only in a hobby capacity.

I like bees. Nesting mason bees on my balcony got me through the isolation of the first months of the pandemic, and I've been delighted to discover how many different bee (and other insect) species visit my plants over the course of the year. One of my motivations for joining iNaturalist was to keep track of my bee-watching records a bit more systematically.

Currently trying to document all the life forms that reside in or pass through my balcony space, from visiting birds down to springtails in my compost. The observations are collected here.

More generally, I’m interested in urban nature and the ways that other species coexist in and use human-built spaces.

I try to help ID what I can, which may mean just moving something to a lower-level taxon for more experienced IDers to find; I'm most comfortable with plants and some of the more distinctive bee species. Sometimes I make mistakes and I'm happy to be corrected. Please don't simply click "agree" on any ID I make unless you have checked the accuracy for yourself.

Aufgrund der allgemeinen internationalen Verständlichkeit schreibe ich meistens auf Englisch, wechsle jedoch je nach Zusammenhang auch gerne ins Deutsch, wie es halt am passendensten oder bequemsten erscheint.

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