Micha Baum

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As a biologist I have worked in biochemistry, molecular biology, evolutionary biology and science (teacher) education at universities and natural history museums.
My fascination for animals (and also some non-metazoan life) is as broad as my taxonomical knowledge is fragmented. I gathered some basic expertise in the identification of indo-pacific reef animals, birds of madagascar, fauna of the baltic sea and insects of germany and enjoy learning new species everywhere I go. So far, all attempts to overcome my serious botany blindness have failed.
My IDs here are not always "100% sure" but quite often only more or less sophisticated guesses based on my limited knowledge, iNat suggestions and books I have. In my opinion, being corrected is a good way to learn something new (not only) on iNat.

All my pictures are licensed as creative commons (CC-BY-SA) and are free to be used accordingly. If you use one (or more) of them, a short notification is appreciated.

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