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12 de diciembre de 2022

Clarence Cannon: Haven on Earth

Silence surrounds us as we look out over the grasses and marsh of Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge mid-afternoon on a sunshine laden cool December 11, 2022. Surprised, we wonder where everybody is. Thousands of Snow Geese, hundreds of Greater White-fronted Geese, numerous Northern Harriers and Short-eared Owls are nowhere to be seen. Nary a peep can be heard, not even the quieter voice of a Savannah Sparrow. Puzzled, we scan the fields over and over when suddenly a grand whoosh resounds throughout the refuge. Magnetized by the sound, we turn to see the Snow Geese lifting into the air a hundred yards from us, each calling, "Here we are! Here we are! Here we are!" Bald Eagles fly over them, pleased at the disturbance they've caused, as usual. Overwhelmed by their mass ascension and awed as ever, we watch the geese soar up together, spread out and then begin to spiral downward, once again snuggling into a close grouping, reassuring each other and still cursing the Bald Eagles for disturbing them, even long after they've settled down. Greater White-fronted trail the larger body of Snow Geese, mixing in with the crowd. As if the geese had announced "All clear!", Northern Harriers appear, meandering past. Not long after, the owls appear throughout the sanctuary and all is truly right with the world. When a final apparition of two Sandhill Cranes appears out over a field, two darlings, standing and gazing at us, we are grateful beyond measure, once again, for this haven, this heaven on earth. The cranes fly off, trumpeting their agreement.

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