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02 de enero de 2017

A Virtual Visit to Caliente Creek, Kern County, CA

Caliente Creek is a creel with Street View imagery along much of its length. It's also a place I've never been, where there are limited iNaturalist records. There are, however, some wonderful records made by @naomithebot and other botanists as part of a bioblitz in the past.

I added a few more records of things visible on Google Street View from the highest point I could see the creek (and adjacent slopes) to its apparent 'outlet' from a trash-strewn ditch in the central valley onto a road and a sump.

you can retrace this path with the attached observations. I don't only follow the creek, there are some other nearby things too.

Note there are a few more observations at the very top... inat won't let me add them to this blog post without deleting the others

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