Cicadas at the CUIC

On 3/11/2022 I was able to photograph most identified North American Cicadid specimens at the Cornell University Insect Collection (CUIC). I prioritized uploading photos of species that have 5 or fewer observations on iNaturalist. See below for the full list.

Carineta martiniquensis -
Carineta postica
Carineta viridicollis -
Cicadettana calliope calliope
Cicadettana calliope floridensis
Cicadettana kansa -
Herrera ancilla -
Herrera lugubrina -
**I did not take photos of Magicicada, though the collection of this genus was quite large
Taphura cernuunca -
Taphura hastifera -

Cacama moorei
Cacama valvata
Cacama variegata -
Diceroprocta apache
Diceroprocta aurantiaca
Diceroprocta azteca
Diceroprocta bakeri -
Diceroprocta bequaerti -
Diceroprocta biconica
Diceroprocta bonhotei -
Diceroprocta cinctifera
Diceroprocta delicata
Diceroprocta eugraphica
Diceroprocta knighti -
Diceroprocta lucida -
Diceroprocta olympusa
Diceroprocta semicincta
Diceroprocta swalei
Diceroprocta texana
Diceroprocta viridifasciata
Diceroprocta vitripennis
Hadoa bifidus -
Hadoa chiricahua
Hadoa duryi
Hadoa inaudatus
Hadoa montezuma -
Hadoa parallelus
Hadoa sugdeni -
Hadoa texanus
Hadoa townsendi
Megatibicen auletes
Megatibicen cultriformis
Megatibicen dealbatus
Megatibicen dorsatus
Megatibicen figuratus
Megatibicen pronotalis pronotalis
Megatibicen pronotalis walkeri
Megatibicen resh
Megatibicen resonans
Neotibicen auriferus
Neotibicen bermudianus
Neotibicen canicularis
Neotibicen davisi
Neotibicen lyricen engelhardti
Neotibicen lyricen lyricen
Neotibicen lyricen virescens
Neotibicen latifasciatus
Neotibicen linnei
Neotibicen pruinosus pruinosus
Neotibicen similaris
Neotibicen superbus
Neotibicen tibicen australis
Neotibicen tibicen tibicen
Neotibicen winnemanna

Beameria venosa
Dorisiana amoena -
Dorisiana bogotana -
Dorisiana semilata -
Dorisiana viridis -
Fidicina mannifera
Fidicina torresi
Fidicinoides cachla
Fidicinoides compostela -
Fidicinoides determinata -
Fidicinoides fumea -
Fidicinoides passerculus -
Fidicinoides picea -
Fidicinoides pronoe
Majeorona truncata -
Ollanta modesta -
Pacarina championi -
Pacarina puella
Pacarina schumanni -
Pacarina shoemakeri
Proarna hilaris
Proarna insignis
Proarna invaria -
Proarna olivieri -
Proarna pulverea -
Proarna sallaei
Quesada gigas

Neocicada heiroglyphica heiroglyphica
Neocicada heiroglyphica johannis

Borencona aguadilla
Daza nayaritensis -
Dyticodopoea diriangani -
Juanaria poeyi -
Odopoea jamaicensis -
Odopoea stringipennis -
Uhleroides charliclo -
Uhleroides maestra -
Uhleroides sagrae -
Uhleroides walkerii -
Zammara calochroma
Zammara smaragdina
Zammara smaragdula
Zammara tympanum

Clidophleps distanti
Okanagana balli
Okanagana bella
Okanagana canadensis
Okanagana fumipennis
Okanagana hesperia
Okanagana luteobasalis -
Okanagana magnifica
Okanagana nigrodorsata
Okanagana occidentalis
Okanagana oregona
Okanagana ornata
Okanagana rimosa rimosa
Okanagana simulata -
Okanagana striapes -
Okanagana synodica
Okanagana tristis rubrobasalis -
Okanagana tristis tristis
Okanagana tanneri -
Okanagana triangulata
Okanagana utahensis
Okanagana vanduzeei
Okanagana wymorei
Platypedia areolata
Platypedia laticapitata
Platypedia mohavensis rufescens -
Platypedia minor
Platypedia putnami lutea
Platypedia putnami putnami
Platypedia vanduzeei
Selymbria pluvialis -
Tibicinoides cupreosparsa -
Tibicinoides minuta

I would be happy to upload any of the other photos upon request.
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@cicadamania may want to see as well

Anotado por humanbyweight hace mas de 2 años

This is awesome!

Will you add location data to the observations soon?

Anotado por zdanko hace mas de 2 años

Hi @zdanko, I did not take photos of every label because I had limited time at the CUIC, so I do not have location/date data for most of these specimens. I do, however, have range data from other sources. I just need to figure out how to use the Atlas function on iNat!

Anotado por humanbyweight hace mas de 2 años

Okay... not ideal since they are now Casual, but if there's nothing to do, it's okay.

Here's how to create atlases (about a third of the way down the page there is a tutorial):

Anotado por zdanko hace mas de 2 años

Hi @zdanko,
Excellent! I will work on the atlases when I have time.

Anotado por humanbyweight hace mas de 2 años

Bless your cotton socks for sharing this, @humanbyweight! What a nice resource this will be for cicada fans here on iNat. I was thrilled to get my copy of Social Wasps, btw, and am already very much looking forward to your next guide.

Anotado por weecorbie hace mas de 2 años

Amazing job!!

Anotado por willc-t hace mas de 2 años

Superb effort. Quite a reasonable collection!. Some of those unlinked have also appeared on iNat

Anotado por ozzicada hace mas de 2 años

Thanks for doing this. It would be useful in this post if you provide what the acronym CUIC stands for.

Anotado por dan_johnson hace mas de 2 años

Cornell University Insect Collection @dan_johnson

Anotado por zdanko hace mas de 2 años

Many of the ranges will be in Sanborn & Heath " The Cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadoidea: Cicadidae) of North America North of Mexico" second Ed
.They have added distribution maps this time.

Anotado por ozzicada hace mas de 2 años

@ozzicada Thank you! I have been studying that paper in detail.

Anotado por humanbyweight hace mas de 2 años

@humanbyweight Is this about Cornell's collection?

Anotado por cicadamania hace mas de 2 años
Anotado por humanbyweight hace mas de 2 años

@humanbyweight its useful to spell out the definition of an acronym at the first occurrence in an article. Inat allows you to edit articles after they've been posted.

Anotado por dan_johnson hace mas de 2 años

Cornell University Insect Collection

Anotado por willc-t hace mas de 2 años

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