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07 de junio de 2022

The Magic Marsh

A while ago somebody told me about a small marsh quite close to a very densely populated area on Hong Kong Island. I made a few cursory visits and found some dragonflies and the odd good butterfly but it didn't seem very birdy. Roll forward maybe a year and it is now watched regularly by 5 people including me. One of the 5 is a very devoted visitor and is turning up some remarkable records. His main interest is birds and his main virtue is patience. He spends a couple of hours patrolling the small area and stands in the same spot for ages. Waiting. And so now I am keeping the records from the magic marsh on iNaturalist. Only mine I'm afraid. Despite encouragement the others have not yet committed theirs to the database.

The marsh seems to be fed by natural streams and possibly rainwater run-offs from Mount Parker. Adjacent is a privately owned (garden) nursery but through their place there is no access. We enter from Kornhill / Quarry Bay and climb the steps that I think were and maybe are part of the water board maintenance sites. The climb up is short and not difficult - a quick scramble followed by concrete steps. The only risk is in the wet. I have fallen so I know the problem. The steps are flanked by trees and bush and are worth checking for insects. A recent Owlfly was a little gem. But it is the top that holds the magic. The elevated path forms a curved walkway overlooking the marsh itself. it is not possible to go down. I have photographed Indo-Chinese Rat Snake there and I saw a photo today of a Red-necked Keelback taking a frog. We have seen two species of Bittern. Shrikes, Flycatchers, Dragon- and Damselflies and plenty of other insects. Spiders are good too.

I sincerely hope nobody will ever try to drain the marsh and divert the streams and run-offs so that the site can be developed. It links to Mount Parker itself so there are connecting ecological corridors that must be preserved. This is why HK has such rich biodiversity. Pockets of superb and scarce habitat hang on. I am glad so few people know about "our" marsh. I don't want it to attract attention too much. But I am happy to take or direct people there if I know they will respect it. It really is magical.

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