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31 de diciembre de 2018

The year turns

I suppose I ought to start with an apology as the last 2 months have been very poor observation-wise. I was asked to come out of retirement to help out a friend in need. Two months will become 4 and then I have promised myself I will forego the filthy lucre and go back to nature.

It has been an odd year with much of the spring migration period lost to recovering from a fall. In summer I discovered the wealth of life around the Peak itself. I stopped my long walks as the humidity was too much for me. At least now I have a full twelve months behind me to compare year on year. That will be a goal for the next 12 months. Perhaps more mothing too.

If I had to pick a highlight it would be the Masked Palm Civet I found lost and distressed. It went to KFBG but sadly did not survive into adulthood.

Not far behind was the trip to Fraser's Hill with Roger Kendrick, Hoi Ling Cheng and Matthew Kwan. And the same group did some fascinating survey work at a site that shall not be named - with guest appearances from Jonathan Yang and Colin Chiu - all fine naturalists and happily for them a fraction of my age. Well, 4 of them anyway!

The year ends on a chilly but sunny day and I look forward to a good start to 2019.

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